Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

We have the volunteering opportunities for the students, experts, doctors, nurses , non-professional and people from all walks of the life. The volunteer should pay depending upon their stay with us. They can rest with an individual family (home stay) or can stay in separate apartments. The volunteers can come alone or in group and can work various sectors:

Volunteering at Disabled and children home

Volunteers can stay at our own home for 1 week or more. Volunteer can join in children’s and Disable home as many months as they want. We would really appreciate volunteer joining our own home for volunteering. We ask volunteers to give their time commitment to offer children a stable, consistent environment and help carrying out different activities. It helps volunteer get a true understanding of the organization, the culture in Nepal and ideas of development going on in Nepal. You will be working at SCIF as a team and as a family member to SCIF.

Volunteer at Monastery

The main objectives of this monastery volunteer Program is to make able to Buddhist monks in developing their additional language skill. By the end of Buddhist high school graduation they will be able to explain the way of life and what they learned additional Buddhist philosophy from monastery school. This project gives the volunteer the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Buddhist way of life. As a volunteer for the monastery your main role will be to teach English in the school of a Buddhist Monastery.

The volunteer will teach English for 3 to 4 hours a day and you can also assist with other school activities and administration. After school, the volunteer can organize entertainment for the children such as singing, games, drawing and dancing. This is an ideal opportunity for those who are passionate about working with children and who are interested in Buddhism. Morning and late evening is free time in which you can join meditation, rituals, prayers and songs with Buddhist Monks if you wish. SCIF-Nepal will manage all the activities related to volunteering like Teaching English and other Volunteer work in Gumba (Monastery). Though, predominantly a Hindu country, Buddhism is also practiced by Tibetan people who are in exile in Nepal. Volunteers interested to work in a Buddhist monastery mostly teach English education to monks and immerse themselves in Buddhist culture. This is a perfect project if you are interested in Buddhism and the life of Buddhist monks.

Volunteer at School

The majority of children from Nepal’s villages and cities are unable to access a good educational system. This is due to a lack of financial and physical resources as well as the remote mountain geography of the country. Volunteers participating in the SCIF Education Support program will teach English at a Nepali public or private school. Teaching Nepalese children is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. No matter what you believe your skill level to be, you have something to offer. Volunteers can also assist with creating low-cost teaching materials for the school and help organize extracurricular activates for the children after school hours. Volunteers can teach English in the mornings before arranging sports, drama and song in the afternoon. The schools that you will be volunteering in are primary and lower secondary schools where the children will be between the ages of 4 and 15 years of age. Local teachers are often very capable at providing their students with a good structural knowledge of English – the grammar and the vocabulary – but, having had very little conversational English practice themselves, they often lack the confidence to get the children speaking English. That is where a volunteer can prove invaluable as through interacting with you that will enable them to break down this barrier, and you will find that students and teachers alike will be able to make rapid progress. Our volunteers are providing an important skill for the students they teach, that of conversational English. Having a native English speaker is a massive advantage and very helpful to the schools in which they teach. Both students and staff members alike fully appreciate the language skills and enthusiasm our teaching volunteers bring to their classes. The students also use the opportunity of having a foreign teacher to learn about the customs and practices of the West.

SCIF is charity organization based on spinal cord injury and Disability has been concentrating is uplifting the socio economic of spinal cord injury and disabilities.

SCIF is charity organization based on spinal cord injury and Disability has been concentrating is uplifting the socio economic of spinal cord injury and disabilities.

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