Message from Founder Director

My appeal: “Use your time and talents to make a difference in your life and the lives of others” SCIF-NEPAL is a non-profit making and Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) who is running and working for disability with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities as well for the needy children. I like to share my personal matter what I have faced in my family and in my life. My sister is also disabled with spinal cord injury patient. So I have understand the problem what the people with disabilities are facing in their live hood. Specially, at village and remote area in Nepal, there is no wheel chair access environment, no hospitals and there is lack of medication and treatment for the people with physical disability because of poverty and lack of education and there is no other way to move except in their room. That is why I realized to establish organization called SCIF (Spinal Cord Injury Foundation) NEPAL to work with the disabilities and for the people with disabilities and needy people and kids. Recently, here are all together 8 beneficiaries who are under the care of our organization. We do not have regular support till now, we are raising little amount of money from our certain members and to run the project. I like to appeal everyone for helping hands who trust us and who is inspire from our work. Your sort help will be very useful for us in upgrading different programs for helping the people in need, medication, basic needs and Skills development programs for disabled people are our prime goal. Please, see our work, share to others and try to make difference in their life. You can support us through different ways by the volunteering at our organization, by the making one time or regular support for our beneficiaries and Thanks to everyone.

    Mr. Basanta B.k.

    Founder Director